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ShapeBook Product Information

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ShapeBook Overview:

ShapeBook v2.0 [ASP] - A steel reference tool for professionals and students needing access to the dimensions and design properties of structural steel shapes. With the 2D3DSteel add-on you can draw with steel in AutoCAD R14 or 2000. Latest US and Metric units with a cross reference tool. Dynamic user interface with a memory list. ShapeBook outputs shape data to a file for building custom applications. ShapeBook 2.0 for Windows or ShapeBook 2.0 with the 2D3DSteel add-on for AutoCAD adds up to real engineering power for your business. At a click of an icon, ShapeBook is providing the data you need to solve a design problem, check a shop drawing, or complete a cut-list for your shop. ShapeBook does not get lost, it will always be right on your screen. No more looking under your prints, in your briefcase, or on your neighbors desk for your reference booklet. ShapeBook 2.0 with the 2D3DSteel add-on is a tool for drawing steel in AutoCAD. Any of the shapes available in ShapeBook can be quickly added to your AutoCAD drawings. 2D cross sections, web views, plan views and 3D solids are drawn to exact detailing dimensions or with thicknesses exaggerated as you require. Your drawings will be completed faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. It is more likely that a dimension or calculation will be double checked, when the tools used to do so are only a mouse click away. This will result in fewer errors in your finished products and happier customers. The detailing dimensions and design properties are displayed in tabs on the main dialog box. The detailing dimensions tab displays dimensions in easy to read fractional inches and provides a fully dimensioned detail of the selected shape. The design properties tab lists the shapes properties in decimal format and labels each with standard nomenclature. The property information tab provides helpful descriptions of all the design properties. The 2D3DSteel Add-on includes a Menu and a Toolbar for AutoCAD.

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